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  • Prynce Concieted (i SAY WHAT THE &$#* i WANT) 4:15 am on March 15, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , celebrity sex tape, jenna shea, jenna shea sex tape, , yung berg, yung berg sex tape   

    Is this supposed to be a sex tape Yung Berg? 


    The latest sex tape scandal involves Yung Berg and his ex-girlfriend (model) Jenna Shea.  I’ve taken the liberty of looking at the tape and of course I have it posted here for you viewing, although I can’t say pleasure.

    Simply because the video is boring plain and simple. You really can’t even call this a “sex” tape because this video doesn’t even show Yung Berg and Jenna having sex. Its more like a PG-13 makeout session, with a little touchy-feely here and there.. Whatever !! I expected more from someone whose hit single was “Give Me The Business” and with lyrics like I wanna freak in the morning freak in the evening. Sounds like a publicity stunt if you ask me because since that single you haven’t heard much from Young Berg…Either way Young Berg you tried and you failed next time give us some a little more juicy…take notes from you predecessors Ray J & Kim K.

    I think the girl got more out of this then Young Berg, because before this I didn’t even know who she was.

    Im posting a link to the can also view on my sidebar in VOD POD !

  • Prynce Concieted (i SAY WHAT THE &$#* i WANT) 1:47 pm on March 13, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Lil Wayne Forbidden To Sign Autographs While Locked Up! 


    Less than a week in the bing and Lil Wayne is already being hit with mandates.

    Officials in Rikers Island have told the Hip-Hop star that he’s not to sign any autographs while on lock down.

    According to TMZ, Wayne has been forbidden  to sign autographs because corrections officials state “Lil Wayne is not a celebrity in here.”

    As previously reported, Weezy began his year-long jail sentence for gun possession charges on Monday but could get out within 8-months if exhibits good behavior.



    Yeah, yeah right…Ok so in a way I can dig it … Lil Wayne is one of the most recognizable celebs in the world right now…so him going into a place like jail would do nothing but cause chaos with the other inmates, who are just geeked about being locked up with Lil Wayne…. True..


    But my question is how many C.O.’s got autographs…and say what you want I’m pretty sure they up in there doing special favors for this nigga just trying to get a piece of Young Moolah Baby .. .

  • Prynce Concieted (i SAY WHAT THE &$#* i WANT) 3:39 pm on March 12, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Aswad Ayinde, , news   

    Director of Fugees "Killing Me Softly" Charged With Raping & Beating 5 of His Daughters! 

    Aswad Ayinde, director, who directed the Fugees "Killing Me Softly" music video in 1996 has been charged with  aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault, lewdness, child endangerment, aggravated criminal sexual contact and criminal sexual contact, all charges in reference to the raping and beating he did to five of his daughters. Not only that Ayinde has fathered six children by his daughters, between the mid 1980’s and 2002.

    According to the Associated Press, the ex-wife of the 51-year-old man appeared in court and testified against him in a pre-trial saying that he wanted to create "pure" family bloodline by impregnating several of his teenage daughters.

    It was reported that Ayinde believed the world was coming to an end, he and his offspring would be the chosen ones to remain and he wanted to create a "PURE" bloodline by impregnating his teenage daughters. The Associated Press also reports that the mother testified in court that some of the babies were delivered at home and never received birth certificates. She also said there were at least two instances where the babies who died in the home were buried without authorities being notified.

    When asked why she didn’t try to stop him, the wife said,

    “I was afraid to ever accuse him of being demented, or being a pedophile. I knew the word but I wouldn’t dare use it because it would result in a beating.”

    Via say the man beat the girls who were isolated from the outside world and home schooled, with wooden boards and steel-toed boots.

    My heart goes out to the children of the family….and even though the wife may have ben shook by her husband I think they need to hold he accountable too. What type of "mother" could stand to allow this type of torture on her children for almost 20 years? Scared of a beating or not, there are still numerous of precautions that could have been taken to protect the lives of her daughter’s and the lies of the two infants that passed in their home.

    Although Ayinde was originally arrested in 2006 for these charges he will go on trail in April. Aswad Ayinde will stand trial five times, once for each daughter police he say raped, beat and sometimes impregnated.

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    fROM now on im posting my blog videos on… 

    fROM now on im posting my blog videos on my VODPOD…so what way youcan watch them here instead of having to go to the link. !!!

  • Prynce Concieted (i SAY WHAT THE &$#* i WANT) 4:43 am on March 12, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Beyonce, , Lady Gaga, , Tyrese Gibson   


    You have to give it to Lady Gaga she is definately Pop Icon material. I’ve had the pleasure of checking out her new video "Telephone" ft . Beyonce which premiere’s tonight 3-11-2010 on E! @ 11:30. Basically it picks up where Paparrazzi left off, think of it as Thelma and Louise, GAGA version. Definatefly a hotter Thelma and Lousie, and defiantley filled with tons more fashion. In fact I do believe once the video goes public Gaga is definatly gonna be in the headlines for some of the over the top outfits she wore in the video.



  • Prynce Concieted (i SAY WHAT THE &$#* i WANT) 5:30 pm on March 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    DMX come on get it together…on your way to a Gospel Rap Convention your caught with crack…your not even supposed to be in the state of Arizona due to your probation, and then you got the nerve to act an ass in the courtroom…SMH

  • Prynce Concieted (i SAY WHAT THE &$#* i WANT) 4:49 pm on March 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Well apparently the media is wrong when it comes to the status of Neffe and Soullow’s relationship…Yesterday there was a twitter post..where someone claiming to be Neffe posted the comment of her being a single parent and stating her and Soullow are no longer together.


    However in a recent video post from, the two claim they are still together. Neffe also states that her real twitter blog is @IamNeffe…so Im guessing this twitter bug is  a fake.  Denying allegations of her rumored financial issues Neffe also states on

    I work hard for everything I have and my kids get anything and everything they want. If you come to my house you will see that they have Playstation 3s and flat screen televisions and any and everything they could ever want. I am lost for words at the way the media portrays me and my family. But I understand everybody needs somebody to hate on. I love my family. I love my sister Keyshia, most importantly, I love God.

    At the end of the day nobody did nothing for me but God and myself.

    Well if the rumors are false, I’m glad Neffe cleared everything up. But still I couldn’t help but laugh at the video..especially the part where the two flash their engagement rings…the whole time I’m thinking…those are nice, Soullow has no job, wonder who bought those, along with the playstations, flat screen tvs, and everything else Neffe and Soullow’s kids could want….

  • Prynce Concieted (i SAY WHAT THE &$#* i WANT) 8:00 am on March 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Radio Stations Refusing To Play Chris Brown…Chris Brown On Audio Pleading For Fans To Support Him 



    Chris Browns Plea



    Ok so SayNow.Com is like an audio/twitter website…basically celebrities and anyone else with an account can record audio messages from their cell phones and post them via this website.. Well this particular audio comes from Chris the recording he is begging his fans basically to still support him because there are radio stations refusing to play his music to the incident with Rhianna.

    Now O.K.  I do understand it must suck for your career to be hurting right now C.B, but keep it real it’s about the money not the fans…if it was about the fans you would’ve thought about that before you put your hands on Rhianna…"Hmm I wonder how my fans will look at me if the media tries to make me out to be some woman beater" which they did.

    I’m not a C.B hater either..but unfortunately he is reaping the consequences of his actions..hopefully the scandal will just blow over and he can go back to making music.

    "I ain’t never really did this but right now I need all of my fans help. A lot of radio stations aren’t playing my records. They are not being that supportive and I wouldn’t expect them to. It’s on the fans and what you guys do in your power to bring me back. That’s all I need is you guys and nothing else will do that except for the fans.

    I don’t know what else to say. It’s nothing else that I can do. I’m doing everything that I need to do. I’m doing me as a person and I’m a better guy.

    It’s on ya’ll. My singing and my music I do it for you guys and everything else but it won’t be possible if I’m not relevant on the radio and it wouldn’t be possible for me to be an artist if I don’t have the support. I can’t be an underground mixtape artist. That’s where we are. I just want all my fans to help me. I love ya’ll. Peace"

    -Chris Brown

  • Prynce Concieted (i SAY WHAT THE &$#* i WANT) 6:44 am on March 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

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