Wyclef Jean Accused Of Using Charity Money($105,000) To Give To One Of His Hoes!!


It seems as if Tiger Woods isn’t the only one with mistress issues. Just last week it was reported that Wyclef Jean’s wife found nude pictures of his manager Lisa Ellis in his cell phone.

  “Wyclef’s wife flew into a jealous rage,” claimed one insider. “She jumped to the conclusion that something may be up between Wyclef and Lisa. She told Lisa to stay away from her husband. To embarrass Lisa, she also e-mailed the nude picture to a number of people in the music business.”

Since the incident Ellis has resigned from her position…claiming it was due to Wyclef not taking her advice (yeah I bet). But the worst has yet to come.

Wyclef Jean’s Yéle Haiti, a nonprofit organization that has delivered water and supplies to the earthquake-ravaged country, is under fire yet again for alleged misappropriation of funds. Zakiya Khatou-Chevassus first made headlines on March 11 after The Smoking Gun printed Yele Haiti’s tax refund showing that she received $105,000 from the company last year as the organization’s Vice President.


According to The Gawker however and several sources, Khatou-Chevassus is not the Vice President but rather Clef’s assistant who he has a personal relationship with. Jean admitted mistakes in the past, but denied wrongdoing and said he’d never take money from the organization, during an emotional press conference. He even speaks out on twitter.

  • “When Donkeys spread rumors about me I dont Respond cause I’m the master that leads them to the Well to drink the Water. Yele haiti 4 life!
  • I have been spending money n my country since I was a Fugees! why is it now after the Quake I am being Excuse! They fear I’m gaining ground

•And don’t get it twisted! My Garage could fit half of the people on twitter why would I steal Charity Money! Your gotta come better den dat.”