The Bad Girls Club Reunion–>Someone Help These Crazy B!%*HE$


Cursing, yelling , arguing, fighting, spitting, degrading one another a typical Bad Girls Club episode, but the reunion show was all this and more…I had the opportunity to watch the reunion show, which aired on Oxygen 3/16/2010 @ 10:00 pm EST.

The entire time I’m watching, I’m thinking to myself, so this is really what the Bad Girls Club is all about. A bunch of drunken sluts with nothing else better going on in their lives so they decided to come on TV and degrade themselves even more.

I couldn’t believe that Natalie Nunn would actually spit in someone’s face on National television, and Perez Hilton the host, just went along with the chaos spraying people with his water gun and egging on fights.

I feel sorry for the girls on the show, no not really. I mean if that’s how they want to be portrayed in the media then by all means be my guest and make a fool out of yourself, it all makes for good TV. I will definitely be tuning in next Tuesday for Part 2 of the reunion.