Robert Kardashian Just Hooked Up With Bow Wow’s Girl…So Whats the Deal With This Other Chick ?


So the big deal over the weekend was allegedly Robert Kardashian and Angela Simmons were a new couple after Angela’s recent break up with Hip-Hop rapper Bow Wow…that was over the weekend….Now recently pictures have surfaced of Robert kicking it with Models Rosa Acosta and Shakur. But in the photos Robert seemed to be all hugged and really enjoying the company of Rosa Acosta.

So if Robert K. is supposed to be messing with Angela Simmons, then whats the deal with the other chick?? Well the deal is Robert Kardashian and Angela Simmons are not together!!! It was all a rumor, hyped by the media. Robert even came out on his twitter @RobKardashian denying the allegations.


“Media is crazy… I am not dating @AngelaSimmons or @V_Simmons… They are both people who I Respect. Real Family. Good people.” 9:53 PM Mar 15th

So there you have it the truth!!!