DMX Sentenced To 6 Months In Jail & Going To Dr Drews Rehab!!


In the latest addition to the DMX,which I previously reported on.Rapper DMX was ordered to remain in jail for at least six months and undergo a mental health evaluation after violating five separate parole violations last week including drug possession.

The good news is he may not have to serve the entire time if he is admitted into drug rehab .Luckily DMX has been accepted to the the Pasadena Recovery Center, the same center where Celebrity Rehab’s Dr. Drew practices, although DMX WILL NOT BE ON THE SHOW.

Hopefully DMX can get the helps the he so desperately needs, that way he can continue with his life without all the extra drama. Drugs are destructive plain and simple…lets just see if DMX can get this weight off of his shoulders. Check out his court video in my VODPOD on the Sidebar !