Angela Simmons Dumps Bow Wow for Robert Kardashian





Although on March, 2010 Bow Wow and Angela Simmons were spotted together at Bow Wow’s 23rd birthday, the two are no longer together.  It was reported that Angela Simmons and Robert Kardashian were spotted partying together over the weekend in Vegas. The two even hosted a party a night club..which is where they publically came out as a couple.. 

And over the weekend, the two PUBLICLY came out as a couple – at a Las Vegas nightclub. The flyer for the party said, “The first son of America’s favourite family will be joined by new girlfriend, Angela Simmons, who is making an appearance with her new flame for the first time.” via

Awww..Angela and Bow Wow looked good together….I guess old girl wanted to try something new…Maybe we will catch on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian…