Is this supposed to be a sex tape Yung Berg?


The latest sex tape scandal involves Yung Berg and his ex-girlfriend (model) Jenna Shea.  I’ve taken the liberty of looking at the tape and of course I have it posted here for you viewing, although I can’t say pleasure.

Simply because the video is boring plain and simple. You really can’t even call this a “sex” tape because this video doesn’t even show Yung Berg and Jenna having sex. Its more like a PG-13 makeout session, with a little touchy-feely here and there.. Whatever !! I expected more from someone whose hit single was “Give Me The Business” and with lyrics like I wanna freak in the morning freak in the evening. Sounds like a publicity stunt if you ask me because since that single you haven’t heard much from Young Berg…Either way Young Berg you tried and you failed next time give us some a little more juicy…take notes from you predecessors Ray J & Kim K.

I think the girl got more out of this then Young Berg, because before this I didn’t even know who she was.

Im posting a link to the can also view on my sidebar in VOD POD !