Lil Wayne Forbidden To Sign Autographs While Locked Up!


Less than a week in the bing and Lil Wayne is already being hit with mandates.

Officials in Rikers Island have told the Hip-Hop star that he’s not to sign any autographs while on lock down.

According to TMZ, Wayne has been forbidden  to sign autographs because corrections officials state “Lil Wayne is not a celebrity in here.”

As previously reported, Weezy began his year-long jail sentence for gun possession charges on Monday but could get out within 8-months if exhibits good behavior.



Yeah, yeah right…Ok so in a way I can dig it … Lil Wayne is one of the most recognizable celebs in the world right now…so him going into a place like jail would do nothing but cause chaos with the other inmates, who are just geeked about being locked up with Lil Wayne…. True..


But my question is how many C.O.’s got autographs…and say what you want I’m pretty sure they up in there doing special favors for this nigga just trying to get a piece of Young Moolah Baby .. .